Maple End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board

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Measuring 15 1/2" x 15" x 2", this double sided End Grain Maple Butcher Block Cutting Board has a pattern you can get lost in.

Copper Mule Board Balm was used to condition the board upon completion and is recommended for regular use to help ensure the longevity of all of our cutting boards and blocks.  A complimentary sample of Copper Mule Board Balm is included with this purchase.  Additionally, to help you maintain the integrity of your new board, we will included easy to follow care instructions.

End grain cutting boards are used by Chefs throughout the world.  Knife friendly, end grain boards are said to 'self heal'.  This natural occurrence has been know to reduce the growth and spread of undesirable bacteria.

Food safe Tightbond 3 was used in the construction of this board.  

Dimensions are accurate to within 1/4"

Not shown in photos, this board, like all of our boards has a small Copper Mule Designs brand on one corner.