Copper Mule Designs

Woodworking + Wearables Proudly Made in Wisconsin

Naturally Unique

Wood Speaks to Us

For one of us, it is a durable, beautiful medium from which to work.  A sound understanding and appreciation for the varied species of wood, along with the ability to recognize unique patterns or marking within the wood, lead they way to us selecting the most beautiful pieces from which to creat our collection.

For the other, a true romantic, the tree from which these creations were born has weathered a full life of beauty and turbulence.  Trees, in a sense, are like the best relationships.  They have grown strong basking in the sun, all while bending with the wind and weather cast their way.  Wood is one of the most meaningful gifts to give those you care about most.

Together, we hope our passion for creating and fostering the natural beauty of wood is unmistakable.


Lantern, Wisconsin Candle Company